Arizona GOP chairman scolds delegate who won't support Trump

The language was shared with members of the Platform Committee by the Republican National Committee at an orientation on Sunday night as the events in Cleveland began. The Rules Committee may debate changes to the primary and caucus calendar for 2020, which could create battles between conservatives who prefer closed primaries and supporters of Trump, who did well in open primaries.

"There's so much energy to do this", said Dane Waters, co-founder of Delegates Unbound, one group challenging the widely held conventional wisdom that GOP rules require almost all delegates to back a specific candidate, based on state primaries and caucuses.

Trump won Virginia's March 1 primary with about 35 percent of the vote, netting 17 delegates during the first round of voting at the convention. "I think we will be united in the fall, because it's largely - we have such a awful choice on the other side at the presidential level". At the 1952 Republican convention, Dwight D. Eisenhower outmaneuvered Robert Taft on seating contested delegates to win.

If she succeeds, top party and Trump campaign officials say her plan would be defeated.

Carroll Correll Jr., an anti-Trump delegate, had challenged the law.

Allied with other groups like Free the Delegates, they are facing a GOP establishment determined to prevent a toppling of the presumptive nominee - or any embarrassing, nationally televised showdowns during the four-day convention.

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Though he will nearly certainly not mention it when he accepts the nomination next week, Trump's actions and words on gay rights have been more supportive than those of any Republican presidential nominee, even if they fall short of the full social and legal acceptance that his expected opponent, Hillary Clinton, has promoted. Given that Trump has about 890 delegates personally loyal to him and 680 in opposition, the Journal reports, getting to 1,237 would require persuading almost two-thirds of remaining delegates to take a defiant stand. And handfuls of Republicans still hoping to block presumptive nominee Trump from winning the nomination will make their final Hail Mary effort. Their ability to do so will be on full display next week when Ryan chairs the RNC where Trump is due to accept the party's presidential nomination.

And then there was his confusing statement about his stance on guns in schools where he seemed to contradict himself within the course of two sentences: "I don't want to have guns in classrooms, although in some cases teachers should have guns in classrooms, frankly", he said during a May interview with "Fox & Friends". Here's a guide to what to expect, based on advance announcements and past conventions.

The 112-member Rules Committee meets Wednesday and Thursday to hash out rules and procedures for next week's convention as well as rules for the 2020 presidential nomination process. Ted Kennedy made a liberal challenge to President Jimmy Carter at the 1980 Democratic convention, and Ronald Reagan led a conservative movement in his fight against President Gerald Ford at the 1976 Republican convention, Kamarck said.

The committee did not publicly release any drafts of a platform document that is likely to reflect Trump's views on trade, immigration and other issues on which he has disagreed with previous GOP candidates. "They are people who probably supported a different candidate".

Their resignations are a sign of the dissatisfaction among some established Republican activists about Trump's candidacy and the effect it could have on down-ballot Republican races in November.

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