Tim Kaine gets a warm homecoming in Richmond

The spectre of Bernie Sanders still looms over Hillary Clinton.

"I seem to be the only unifying- theme that they had", she told CBS News. As he demanded Wasserman Schultz's resignation, Sanders made clear he wants to see Clinton in the White House.

"The mood of the country is a populist one", said Stephanie Taylor, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee in reacting to the selection. In a conference call this past week, more than 400 delegates also cited opposition to TPP as a priority, making plans to distribute hundreds of stickers at the convention that say "Stop the TPP" and possibly booing the Democratic platform language when it's voted on, according to participants on the call.

"When someone says, "I alone can fix it, '" Clinton began, as the audience booed, "that should set off alarm bells, in not just Democrats" minds but Republicans', independents' - people of all ages and backgrounds".

Clinton's speech Thursday night is her big moment.

In a trove of messages released by hackers on the website WikiLeaks, party officials discuss boosting Clinton's candidacy during the primaries - and disparage Sen.

"Leaked e-mails of DNC show plans to destroy Bernie Sanders".

The Clinton campaign - and several cybersecurity experts - said the leak was a political ploy carried out by the Russian government to aid in the election of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Cory Booker and Julián Castro, secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Asked to explain that, Clinton cited "unfounded, inaccurate, mean-spirited attacks with no basis in truth" which "take on a life of their own", pointing to Republicans' criticism at the party's convention in Cleveland last week.

David Botkins, a Dominion spokesman, said Kaine "has supported the development of affordable, cleaner energy sources in Virginia and throughout the United States".

Trump has said Clinton's record as the top USA diplomat from 2009 to 2013 "has been a disaster".

Still in question is what role Wasserman Schultz might play during this week's Democratic convention.

"If they think they can win without half the party, let them lose", said Andrew Fader, 27, of NY, who was wearing a "Bernie" T-shirt on Sunday near the Liberty Bell.

More news: Washington GOP head slams Cruz, upsetting some in delegation

"The national chair is never the permanent chair of the convention".

Frank noted that if she did not speak, it would be unusual.

Not everyone is happy about Clinton's choice of a center-left running mate, which runs the risk of alienating Sanders supporters on the party's far left. She added that Kaine is "progressive who likes to get things done".

The campaign is gearing up for the DNC in Philadelphia and have announced the speakers for the week.

They also reveal the prized perks given to the party's top donors.

And in a recent C-SPAN interview he said: "I do what I do for spiritual reasons". The two were to rally supporters in Miami on Saturday afternoon.

"Senator Tim Kaine is everything Donald Trump and Mike Pence are not".

Norman Solomon, a Sanders delegate from California, said the choice of Sen. Would I prefer to see an Elizabeth Warren selected by Secretary Clinton?

In an interview on NBC News' "Meet The Press" on Sunday, Sanders praised the Virginia senator, but said it wouldn't have been his choice.

During his political career, Kaine has been open about his faith and its impact on his views on social justice. "In a time when she is trying to cater to Sanders supporters, it was more catering to conservative voters and she's not going to get any wave from it".

But enough committee members backed the effort to let them take the fight to the convention floor during next week's convention, participants said. "If not, their BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS was a total waste of time".

Here's what Sanders tells ABC's "This Week": "I'm not shocked, but I am disappointed".

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