Macron on GDPR: Europe should provide model for regulation

This new law is built on the principles of transparency and control.

The move has renewed fears that the law, and others like it, could "Balkanise" the internet and lead to the creation of a two-tier system, with EU-based web users excluded from services and sites offered elsewhere in the world. The difference is really cultural; privacy is considered a human right in Europe, and of course, it's a much more regulation-friendly environment. Google, Apple and Facebook have already let users to do this, though they're making it even easier. We started creating the new list a few months ago and thanks to our readers' dedication, we have managed an unbelievable success rate of resubscriptions. Meanwhile, the early signs are that most firms and even the regulators themselves are still not ready for GDPR's arrival. She says this isn't just a job for the general counsel, but may require a cross-company effort with members of the IT team, human resources and so on. The UKHillwalking newsletter now has twice the subscribers it used to have.

"Nowhere else in European law was there, until now, such a wide gap between theory and practice as in data protection", said Prof Caspar.

We all love cookies.well actually we don't.

Ahmed Sousa, regional manager at Solutions Architect, MEA & Turkey, Polycom, said businesses must show they've got the technology to support these new policies. Companies that already hold users' data have to reach out to customers and ask for permission to retain it. Authorities can fine companies up to 4 percent of their annual revenue, or 20 million euros, whichever is higher, for breaching the rules. This includes taking account settings and information, including contacts, profile photos, and group names.

The law had been seen as focusing on Silicon Valley tech giants like Facebook and Google, but publishers and advertising companies have warned that it will harm their businesses in particular because it restricts how information is packaged and shared to sell advertising. "Instead of you having to scour to find the opt-out box, it's the exact opposite".

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This, however, doesn't mean that the GDPR won't affect you. "Over time they're going to use artificial intelligence to try to identify false news, to try to identify clickbait". This pays us a decent amount of money each year so we don't want to get rid of it, but it does generate a huge number of cookies, which makes the cookie list quite long and frightening.

Countless leaks and hacks have exposed vast amounts of personally identifiable information with very little impact on the companies or organisations that allowed it to happen.

We run a lot of competitions on UKC - around 2 or 3 a week sometimes. Your responses will only be seen by the Guardian and we'll feature some of your responses in our reporting. Additionally, the emails usually come with a warning that if you don't agree you may lose access to your account.

So that is about it.

These emails, coming from every company you've shared your email address with, will have ranged from asking you to acknowledge new Privacy Policies to companies wanting you to opt-in to continue receiving marketing information from them.

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